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An eerie and ethereal diminutive composition. Written for the Vine app and therefore under 6 seconds long, this work was selected for the international Vine Orchestra project.,,2P,H,G,Pf,


An epic and colourful showcase work for large orchestra; vibrant and moody conjuring a strong sense of visual imagery. Commissioned by the New Bristol Sinfonia.

3,3,3,3.4,4,3,1.T,3.H.Strings Duration: 25 minutes. M/S

Concerto for Euphonium

A substantial concerto showcasing the virtuosity of the euphonium. Commissioned by the Aldworth Philharmonic as a product of their Young Composer Competition. In 3 continuous movements.

2,2,2,2.4,2,3,1.T,2.H.Strings Duration: 25 minutes. M/S

Diamond Fanfare

Commissioned by the Reading Symphony Orchestra for their 60th anniversary season, Diamond Fanfare is a bright flourish, perfect as a concert opener or finale.

2,2,2,2.4,2,3,1.T,2.H (opt.).Strings Duration: 3 minutes. M/S

East to West

An educational workshop piece originally written for 4-10 year olds, this composition takes 4 cities and 4 methods of transport to create an entertaining and interactive work.

2,2,2,2.4,2,3,1.T.2.str. Duration: 3 minutes. M/S

Flight to the IoliteLink to PDF

A vibrant, energetic work composed in 2008. Shortlisted for performance by the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and winner of the West Forest Sinfonia's 21st birthday commission.

2,2,2,2.4,2,3,1.T,2.Pf/Cel.H.Strings Duration: 6 minutes. M/S


Part of a new arrangement of Pictures at an Exhibition by a team of top British orchestrators produced for the Amadeus Orchestra.

[3,3,3,3.4,3,3,1.T,4P. H. Str] Duration: 4 minutes. M/S

Tommy the Tumultuous Trumpet

A novelty item featuring solo trumpet and narrator, Tommy the Trumpet is the story of one trumpet's battle with being too loud!

Duration: 10 minutes. M/S

Variation VI

Commissioned as part of a collaborative work to be an "eerie, misty" variation on the ancient round Sumer is Icumen in, this composition sets out a distinct sound world with air sounds on flute, bowed percussion and mutes throughout.

3,2,3,2.4,3,3,1.T,2.Strings Duration: 3 minutes. M/S

Yip! Yap!

An extreme miniature of only 5 seconds written specifically for the Vine app and selected for the international Vine Orchestra project. Quirky and lively with a distinct identity — possibly the silliest work ever written!,,2P,H,G,Bar,

Wind Band

Fanfare: Life Begins — symphonic brass & perc. or big band

Commissioned by the Swindon Concert Band for their 40th anniversary, this highly rhythmic and slightly jazz-inspired work provides an alternative dynamic flourish to open your programme. Available in its original version for wind band/orchestral brass and percussion, but also in an alternative big band line-up to include saxes that could easily sit as an introduction in front of another work.

Duration: 2 minutes. M/S

Elegiac Impressions

A lyrical work written in memory of, and inspired by the musical ideals of, the late Sir Malcolm Arnold and commissioned by the Northampton Concert Band. The music builds to a grand central theme before closing with offstage trumpet, Arnold's own instrument.

Duration: 5 minutes. Published by Reynard Music

Sketches of the Great Wall

Depicting scenes of the Great Wall of China, this is a work of contrast, both atmospheric and dramatically percussive.

Duration: 6 minutes. Published by Reynard Music

The Three Towers Suite

Commissioned by the Taunton Concert Band and featured as the title work of their 2006 CD recording. It is inspired by the famous three church towers prominent on the skyline from the cricket ground.

Duration: 10 minutes. Published by Bandleader Music

Time Changes

This work comprises four continuous sections presenting diverse variations on a single motif. A rhythmic and percussive work, winner of a special award at the National Concert Band Festival finals presented by Timothy Reynish.

Duration: 7 minutes. Published by Bandleader Music

Tommy the Tumultuous TrumpetLink to PDF

A novelty item featuring solo trumpet and narrator, Tommy the Trumpet is the story of one trumpet's battle with being too loud!

Duration: 10 minutes. M/S

Brass Band

Eulogy Blues

A slow trad-jazz style tribute to a former trumpet teacher based on fragments of Louis Armstrong's famous recording of West End Blues.

Duration: 4 minutes. Published by Just Music

Overture: Barbury Castle

Commissioned by Swindon Brass and pitched at a junior/intermediate level, this is a lively concert opener.

Duration: 5 minutes. M/S

Colosseum — saxophone choir

Commissioned by the National Saxophone Choir as part of their 7 Wonders Project, this dramatic work depicts the iconic Roman theatre and features solo baritone sax with sax choir.

Soprillo, S-nino, 3S, 3A, 3T, 3B, Bass, C-Bass. Duration: 2.5 minutes. M/S

Introduction & Riffs — saxophone choir

A slow, harmonically rich introduction leads to an energetic funk section that includes a dazzling fugue to display your lead players. Winner of the 2006 National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain Composition Competition.

S-nino (opt.),S,S,A,A,A,T,T,T,B,B, Bass (Opt.) Duration: 5 minutes. Published by Saxtet Publications

Quattuor Anguli Terrae — saxophone choir

Written for the NSC and designed for performance in a reverberant acoustic such as a cathedral or large church, 'The Four Corners of the Earth' is an atmospheric composition that separates the choir into 4 quartets situated in different locations within the performance space.

Sprlo.S-nino.3S.3A.3T.3B.Bass.Tu. Duration: 5 minutes. M/S

Sax Circus — saxophone octetLink to PDF

First performed at the 2009 World Saxophone Congress, this quirky composition races through a series of humorous episodes depicting clowns, tumblers and acrobats. Ideal as an encore.

S,S,A,A,T,T,B,B. Duration: 2 minutes. Published by Saxtet Publications

Simon's Mangrove Groove — saxophone choir

Designed as a concert opener, this work begins with a grand statement before launching into broad themes played out over syncopated funk accompaniment. Commissioned by Simon Balle School, Hertford, for the opening of their new music block in 2007/8.

S-nino (opt.),S,S,A,A,A,T,T,T,B,B, Bass (Opt.) Duration: 5 minutes. Published by Saxtet Publications

Urban Fusion — saxophone quartet

A spirited and highly syncopated work that has received critical acclaim from leading exponents in the saxophone world. Commissioned by the Sax Shades quartet.

Duration: 8 minutes. Published by Reynard Music

1M1 — trombone ensemble

Composed in the style of a film-score, this work demonstrates the rich, dark sound quality of massed trombones. Selected as one of the winners of the Big 12 Trombone Conference competition.

TTTTTTBB Duration: 5 minutes. M/S

The Agents — brass quintet

A cameo that mimics the classic 70's cop show TV music. Guaranteed to entertain your audience! Winner of the Brass Initiative Composition Competition 2011.

Duration: 2 minutes. M/S

Fanfar&s — brass quintet

A short study in applied art, this takes the idea of a fanfare representing a new start and mimics an alarm clock in its main motif. The title is a blend of fanfare and "rise and shine".

Duration: 2 minutes. M/S

The Four Temperaments — available either as a septet ( or in a standard 10-piece version.

A work written for brass septet depicting the ancient personality types in four wonderfully contrasting movements [].

Duration: 9 minutes. M/S.

Gym-tastic! — brass quintet

Depicting the acrobatics of these superb athletes, this short work blasts through a series of gymnastic somersaults, twists and moments of poise before tumbling to a final cadence.

Duration: 1 minute. M/S

Street Dance — trombone quartet (TTTB)

Depicting a tightly choreographed dance troupe, this performance piece incorporates foot stamps into the music for a complete entertainment work.

Duration: 3 minutes. M/S

Audio Illusion — sax choir, clarinet choir, percussion ensemble.

Composed as a companion piece to Synthesis, the unusual forces are explored in new ways with a lyrical first section over a bed of tuned percussion before the mood switches to a heavy funk groove.

Duration: 5 minutes. Published by Reynard Music

Gamma Rays — 3-part harp ensemble

Predominantly in the unusual time of 9/8, this spirited composition creates vibrant harmonic interest for an instrument where the temptation is always to play safe and avoid excessive chromatic shifts. Winner of the Vox Novus (New York) 15-Minutes-of-Fame competition 2013.

Duration: 1 minute. M/S

The Mists of Time — clarinet quartet with opt. ensemble

A versatile work that can be performed as a stand-alone quartet work or be expanded to include ensemble parts particularly suited to an educational setting.

Eb, 2x Bb, Bcl. [Opt. Eb. 4x Bb. Eb alto. Bcl.] Duration: 4 minutes. M/S

Multangularis — string quartet

Influenced by both jazz harmonies and funk rhythms, this makes for a slightly unusual work for the genre. Composed for the Nossek Quartet.

Duration: 8 minutes. M/S

Sightings — string orchestra

An atmospheric and eerie work for small string orchestra that depicts Bramber Castle in Sussex and the ghosts said to be resident there. Duration: 5 minutes. M/S

Synthesis — clarinet choir, saxophone choir, percussion ensemble

An energetic and Latin-style work for the unique combination of clarinet and saxophone choirs with percussion ensemble. Commissioned by the High Wycombe Music Centre for performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

Duration: 5 minutes. Reynard Music

Zephyr — flute choir

A flowing, lyrical work exploring the tone and beauty of the flute ensemble.

4 flute, 2 alto, 2 bass, octobass (opt.) Duration: 5 minutes. Published by Reynard Music

3 Shakespeare Sonnets — high voice with piano

Settings of 3 popular sonnets, originally written for soprano.

Duration: 8 minutes. M/S

Beware the English Language! — high voice with piano

A very short and quirky setting of a classic poem highlighting the idiosyncrasies of the English language. Winner of the '15 Minutes of Fame' competition for Dr Liana Valente run by the New York collective Vox Novus.

Soprano with piano. Duration: 1 minute. M/S

Dum Sacrum Mysterium — SATB

This anthem in praise of the Archangel Michael sets text from the Liber Usualis. From a quiet atmospheric opening the music builds to powerful 8-part harmonies before subsiding to reach a peaceful close.

Duration: 4 minutes. M/S

On Love — SATB & alto sax

Composed for choir with solo alto saxophone, this lyrical setting of Shakespeare's poetry is ideal for concert or weddings.

Duration: 8 minutes. Saxtet Publications.

Quem Pastores Laudavere — SATB

Ideal for a Christmas concert or carol service, a setting of Latin text describing the shepherds hearing of the birth of Christ.

Duration: 3 minutes. M/S

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? — high voice with piano

A setting of one of the best known sonnets by William Shakespeare.

Duration: 3 minutes. M/S

Shout for Joy, All the Earth — SATB/SSAATTBB

A short, vibrant anthem setting the English text of Psalm 100 for large chorus and orchestra.

Duration: 3 minutes. M/S

Snow — SATB with organLink to PDF

Commissioned by Cheltenham-based choir Musica Vera, this is a setting of the John Davidson poem of the same name.

Duration: 5 minutes. M/S

Snowflakes — SATB

A choral setting of the Henry Wadsworth-Longfellow poem of the same name.

Duration: 3 minutes. M/S

Around in Circles — solo clarinet

inspired by an initiative for works of under 60 seconds, this dazzling work shows the dexterity of the instrument in a series of swirling phrases.

Duration: 1 minute. M/S

C-blue — vibraphone solo

A 4-mallet bluesy work for unaccompanied vibes.

Duration: 3 minutes. M/S

Clip Art — contrabass clarinet solo

This eccentric composition takes its name from the 'paperclip' design of contrabass clarinet and uses a range of extended techniques to create a unique palette of sounds. Winner of the Vox Novus Collective 15-Minutes of Fame competition (2013).

Duration: 1 minute. M/S

Flottante — solo violin with piano

An atmospheric encore to display warm tone and expressive playing.

Duration: 3 minutes. M/S

Gáttaþefur — solo violin

A curious (and even ugly!) composition with uneven meter, representative of the title character, an Icelandic Christmas troll with a love of leaf bread. A real miniature caricature to give some spice to your recital programme!

Duration: 1 minute. M/S

Io — double bass solo

Depicting the volcanic moon of Jupiter, this short, jumpy solo work demands a high level of dexterity.

Duration: 3 minutes. M/S

Tryptyche — trumpet solo

A virtuosic technical study in 3 short movements commissioned for a music degree recital.

Duration: 4 minutes. M/S

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